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SharePoint and Remote Blob Storage - Performance Considerations
Created: 14.02.2014
Categories: SharePoint 2013

In our SharePoint 2013 test farm we installed RBS. Unfortunately the performance is very bad. We used an RBS system from a different manufacturer than Microsoft.

Average download times for a 14 MB video file and a 1 MB Word document:
File SizeFile stored in SQL ServerFile stored in RBS
14 MB4,06 sec30,3 sec
1 MB0,79 sec2,8 sec

This is pretty bad. Is seems that the performance regression is related to the new Shredded Storage setting. If we increase the setting up to 1 GB we get the following results:
File SizeFile stored in SQL ServerFile stored in RBSAdjusted Shredded Storage
14 MB4,06 sec30,3 sec3,44 sec
1 MB0,79 sec2,8 sec0,77 sec

The manufactorer was surprised in the first discussion but confirmed the results later. He told us that we have to disable the shredded storage.
Here you can see the results in Visual Studio:
Measuring native SQL Server
Measuring RBS
Measuring RBS with disabled shredded storage
First tests with native RBS coming with SQL Server 2012 don't show this downshift. Maybe we will follow this path.

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