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Send SMTP Mail using Telnet
Created: 03.01.2013
Categories: Exchange

      Send SMTP Mail using Telnet

      Start telnet and enter the following text:
      open *smtp-server* 25
      MAIL FROM: *sender smtp address*
      RCPT TO: *recipient smtp address*
      SUBJECT: *subject*
      *your mail text*
      *empty line*

      Replace the text surrounded by asterisk.
      Quit telnet by entering 'bye'.

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How to create Exchange Public Folders for Appointments
Created: 04.10.2011
Categories: Exchange Development; Exchange; PowerShell

      Unfortunately the PowerShell cmdlet New-PublicFolder doesn’t allow different types for public folders. But with a small trick you can set the type later. The code requires CDOEX that runs locally only.

      PowerShell Code:
      $FolderPath = "/TEMP"
      $NewFolder = "CalendarTest"
      $PFRoot = "file://./backofficestorage/ Folders"

      # Use PowerShell cmdlet to create new folder
      # (depending upon whether a root folder or not)
      if ($FolderPath -ne "")
        $f = $FolderPath -replace("/", "\")
        New-PublicFolder -Name $NewFolder -Path $f
        New-PublicFolder -Name $NewFolder

      # Use ADO to change the folder type
      $o=New-Object -comobject ADODB.Record
      while (($updated -eq $false) -and ($timeout -gt 0))
        $o.Open($PFRoot + $FolderPath + "/" +
         $NewFolder, "", 3, -1, -1, "", "")
        foreach($item in $o.Fields)
        if($item.Name -eq


      if ($updated -eq $false)
      Start-Sleep -s 1
      $timeout --

      Tested IPF Types: IPF.Post, IPF.Contact, IPF.Appointment, IPF.Task
      Tested Exchange Version: Exchange 2007

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