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End of Windows Phone App Tatort Planer
Created: 23.10.2012
Categories: Windows Phone; Collaboration-2-Go

      Due to the disappointment of the sales of my Windows Phone App "Tatort Planer" I
      decided to remove it from the marketplace. Too much work, expenses for developer
      registration too high, no gain at all (Microsoft keeps income less than ~200 €).

      Anyway, I will try to update the data for some weeks.
      Thank you for your support, ideas and help.

      Tatort Planer Sales

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Windows Phone Tatort Planer
Created: 14.03.2012
Categories: Windows Phone; Collaboration-2-Go

      Windows Phone Tatort Planer is available at Microsoft Marketplace.
      Thinking about a version for iPad and iPhone...
      Windows Phone Tatort Planer

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