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There is no Attribute AccessKey in Select Boxes
Created: 05.10.2011
Categories: Website

      When I use the following code with Doctype "XHTML 1.0 Strict"
      <asp:DropDownList runat="server" ID="ddl" AccessKey="1">
      <asp:ListItem Text="item1" />
      <asp:ListItem Text="item2" />

      I get the following error from lovely W3C Validation Service:
      Line 135, Column 93: there is no attribute "accesskey"
      …ame="ctl00$MainContent$ddlTitle" id="ctl00_MainContent_ddl" accesskey="1">

      Unfortunately this is correct.

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Access Keys in different Browsers
Created: 02.10.2011
Categories: Website

      Access Keys in different Browsers:
      Internet Explorer: Alt+Key
      Chrome: Alt+Key
      Safari: Alt+Key
      Firefox: Alt+Shift+Key
      Opera: Alt+Esc: Menu

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Media Player for Web Pages
Created: 02.10.2011
Categories: Website

      Yahoo! Media Player:
      Some Style Samples:

      Successfully tested with Internet Explorer 8+9, Firefox Firefox 5+6, 5, Safari 5.1, Opera 11.50 (all on Win7)
      Doesn't work with Google Chrome 13 on Win7, Safari on iPad (iOS 4)

      Code in HTML:
      <script type="text/javascript" src="" >
      <a href="mymusicfile.mp3" >My Music</a>

      Applied Styles:
      /* Hide player */
      #ymp-player, #ymp-tray, #ymp-error-bubble, #ymp-secret-bubble
      display: none !important;
      /* Hide Buttons */
      a.ymp-btn-page-play, a.ymp-btn-page-pause
      margin-left: -20px !important;
      a.ymp-btn-page-play em.ymp-skin, a.ymp-btn-page-pause em.ymp-skin
      display: none !important;


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