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Activate SharePoint TimerJob using PowerShell
Created: 20.02.2017
Categories: SharePoint Development; PowerShell

      Activate SharePoint TimerJob using PowerShell

      # Configuration
      $app = Get-SPWebapplication "web app url"
      $jobname = "my job name"
      $siteurl = "site url will be used within the job"

      # Install
      $job = New-Object MyNamespace.MyClass(
        $jobname, $app, $siteurl)
      $job.Schedule = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSchedule]::
        FromString("daily between 01:00:00 and 01:00:00")
      Restart-Service SPTimerV4

      # Check
      (Get-SPTimerJob | where-object{$_.Name -eq $jobname)}) | fl


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